In 2009, BillBill and me5_edited-2 and Dina began a charitable ministry – Teshuvah Road – helping people who are actively in addiction and their family members who are affected by addiction.  Up to date, they help all people all over the world who are English speaking.  After spending 11 years of their marriage in New York, they returned to Hot Springs, Montana – Bill’s hometown.  When they arrived, they found the addiction rate to be ridiculously high.  Very few people have jobs and poverty abounds.  Too many have inched their way in to drug dealing and public displays of drunkenness and unashamed lewd behavior. This shocked Bill because this was once his storybook hometown.  It also shocked Dina because of the apathy of the town in not wanting to do anything about it.  There are now hopeless children who are learning to live this way.  The cycle must be stopped and the way it can stop is with the God of all creation, Jesus the Messiah.  The Pulse of Hot Springs was born in December of 2013.  They have seen change since this newsletter came out.  As long as change comes, they continue with their due diligence to God.  They decided to put some of the articles that are in The Pulse’s hardcopy online here in a WordPress blog so that other believers can put this little town and it’s problems on their prayer list.  If there is anyone with any suggestions, they are welcome to write in.   So, join us in our quest for hope in the small town of Hot Springs.

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