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Montana Bill Will Require Every Church Donor To Be Listed In Political Database

Big Brother (the spirit of anrichrist) is Here in Montana

Montana Bill Will Require

Every Church Donor

To Be Listed In Political Database

by Krayton Kerns,

A couple years back, I remember Pastor Hallock asking the Grace Bible congregation the thought provoking question, “If Christianity were outlawed, could you be convicted?” Because Christian beliefs cannot be revealed through a blood test, tattoos or body marks and even the evidence of baptism dries in minutes, it is nearly impossible to positively identify a Christian; a dilemma shared by Islamic fundamentalists and American collectivists. The Montana legislature recently aided the forces battling Christian liberty.

A couple weeks ago, Islamic terrorists faced this identification quandary while slaughtering 147 Christian college students in Kenya. The hooded invaders resorted to asking hostages if they were Christian before shooting the ones answering “yes.” Rest assured, this question-and-execute slaughter could never happen in Montana, not because we are a congregation of well-armed believers, but because the 64th legislative session enacted a law identifying Christians. Asking is no longer required in the Treasure State thanks to the Montana Disclose Act, (SB 289).

Christians are a shared enemy of Islamic fundamentalists and progressives with the former eliminating their adversary via violence and latter using the vicious personal attack techniques outlined in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” There is a quiet Christian majority who disagrees with progressives, but chose to protect themselves via anonymity; portraying a public persona of “no opinion” while letting other patriots act as bullet sponges to the shots fired from the left. These Christians are the group the left finds most difficult to identify and neutralize, but Montana’s Disclose Act erases the bulletproof anonymity; suddenly making the invisible visible.

Nicknaming SB289 the “Dark Money Bill,” rather than the more accurate “Conservative Christian Identification Act”, made it an easy sell to casual consumers of the news. If dark is bad, then regulating it must be good, but nothing could be further from the truth. Here is the issue: Scripture tells Christians tithing should be done in anonymity and with a cheerful heart, but the Montana Disclose Act removes the very first qualifier by requiring all church donors be identified if the church takes a position on political issues. If your pastor has ever expressed scriptural views concerning abortion or homosexuality they have crossed the new advocacy threshold and the church suddenly becomes an incidental political committee fully regulated by Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices. To comply with SB289, every church donor will be listed on a political database. Suddenly, all Alinsky operatives and Islamic fundamentalists can access the name and address of every Christian with a simple click of their mouse.

The Pulse speaks to all of you, who are born again Christians – saved by the Blood of Jesus, FEAR NOT! Our Redemption draws nearer than ever. Keep Looking Up to the Heavens! He’s coming to bring us home soon!