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What is The Pulse of Hot Springs and Why is it Here?

Jesus the shroud2 copy

The above is a picture developed directly from the extensive research done on the Shroud of Turin (by Ray Downing), and is the closest one can come to the actually face of our Lord and Savior, Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah.

The Pulse is a faith based newsletter in our tiny town of Hot Springs.  We provide an evangelical outreach as well as lots of other articles and resources for everyone.  Our content is always Godly, as we are born again believers who honor God in all ways.

In our town, there exists a great quenching of the Holy Spirit of God.  Professing Christians here think that being a Christian is going to church; it’s not!  Christianity is a way of life that needs to be lived God’s way – each and every minute of every single day.  It’s doing life His way, not ours. God does not live in a box… He lives and breathes everywhere.

Our ‘orders’ from on High is to fix believers… to bring the Power of God to this failing town and change it for the good.  The true Power of the Gospel is missing here.  Good people have been led astray into believing a lie.  With the Lord’s help, change will come and people will stand up for God.  The evidence that the Bible has not been properly taught here is the growing takeover of blatant crime, drugs and alcohol.  When believers understand this, Hot Springs will shine for God.